GCM Website Manager goes open source

GCM Total Solutions is excited to announce the transition from its current web management tool to the open source system of WordPress.  For existing GCM customers, you can continue to use the existing management tools, we will continue to update them and support them but if you want to migrate to the new system we are here to help.

For those new to GCM, you will start off on the new WordPress management platform.  Now you may ask why the change.  WordPress is the largest and most openly available management platform available.  It includes over 10,000 available themes, thousands of plug-ins and a wealth of information.  Additionally, if you already have an existing WordPress site, we can export and import that site.  The best part, is all of the integration with GCM Website Manager still exists – integration to League Manager, Event Manager, Tournament Manager and our other tools still exists.  Most importantly, your users existing login information will continue to work just like it does today.

In addition to the old features, we now have Facebook, Twitter and other social network integration.  iPhone, iPad and Android publishing and available mobile web sites.

If you want more information about – contact GCM Total Solutions.

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