Online tools for an online world

In today’s online marketplace not having a tool at your disposal at anytime is simply not acceptable anymore.  GCM focuses on bringing you the best web based tools at an affordable price.

Membership Manager

What sets us apart from the competition is that having a web site isn’t enough.  You need to be able to track membership information, profiles, provide an easy way for members to search for others and above all, it must be easy to use.  Membership manager allows you to easily track membership changes, club dues, communicate with others and produce high quality reports based on a wide variety of filters.

Communicate with confidence

Simply sending an e-mail is sometimes not enough.  Sometimes you need to know exactly when your members have read your e-mail message.  GCM allows unique tracking options to allow administrator to know when the message has been opened and acted upon.  GCM e-mail tracking is available in both the Membership Manager and Contact Manager tools.

Document Management

For simple document management, GCM website management tool allows for a quick tool to save and access documents.  But if you are looking for something more robust, the document management tools in GCM Contact Manager are what you need.

League Management

Trying to keep track of that scoring within your golf league.  Need to get comprehensive stats or even need an alternative handicap system.  GCM League Manager allows you to track your league like never before.

Tournament Management

GCM’s first golf management tool is the real alternative to other tournament pairing programs.  Tournament Manager allows you to create and manage tournaments without the complexity those other products require and all done from a easy to use web based interface so its available wherever you are.

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