Tournament Manager

Tournament Manager is an affordable online tournament management tool for today’s busy golf professional.  No longer do you have to do all of the hard work in preparing a golf tournament, Tournament Manager simplifies the process of running a tournament from start to finish.


  • Stroke and match play
  • Multi-round tournaments
  • Ability to post tee times directly to GCM website manager
  • Online tournament payment, along with detailed reports on status of payments (w/ GCM website manager)
  • Easy to use, auto pairing tools for tee times, team, flights and match play brackets
  • Save or send dynamic PDF reports
  • Create a club history through easy to use prize tool (w/ GCM website manager)
  • Online tournament registration (w/ GCM website manager)
  • Online payment for tournaments through paypal (w/ GCM website manager)
  • Drive members to your tournaments using online tournament tools
  • Like all GCM tools, completely online with no local client to install and the ability to manage anywhere on any browser

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